Building Acoustics

High-quality building acoustics in a venue enhances enjoyment, increases bookings & return visits. Find out how TGSacoustics can help fulfil your venue’s potential in our building acoustics pages. If your venue needs enhancing to improve your building’s acoustic quality then feel free to contact us for advice, consultation or a quote.

Acoustical comfort is very much overlooked and yet we all can identify with the negative effects of poor acoustics. TGSacoustics has a wealth of experience in assessing spaces for both speech and music and will treat areas with a sympathetic approach, not only considering the acoustic and visual impacts but also the impact on those using the space both during the process and from the resulting change.

Excessive reverberation can occur in poorly designed enclosed spaces. Sounds, particularly speech, can appear muddied and garbled due to multiple paths of reflected sound.

Reverberated sound travelling in poorly designed enclosed spaces

Ashford Hall at St Nicolas’ Place, Kings Norton in Birmingham benefited from the provision of acoustic treatment in 2015, consisting of bespoke acoustic panels. The hall was built in 2006 and is primarily used as a venue for civil ceremonies or as a flexible space for evening celebrations. TGS acoustics approached the retrofit of acoustic panels to Ashford Hall in the context of its multi-purpose remit as well as the desired visual impact. 

Read more about Ashford Hall’s acoustic treatments on our Ashford Hall Case Study page

Acoustic panels designed to reduce reverberation and multi-path in an enclosed room