Environmental Sound Monitoring for Planning is the mainstay of TGSacoustics. TGSacoustics is the trading name for Tim Green, an independent acoustic consultant based in the West Midlands.

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Acoustics Consultancy Services Summary:

Broadly our noise and acoustic solutions are divided into Environmental Noise and Building Acoustics and the relationship between different soundscapes or spaces. Acoustic solutions are expertly applied to these settings through measurement, calculation and design to achieve the desired enhancement or mitigation.

Where environmental noise is to be considered for planning applications, TGSacoustics provides measurement and assessment of sound levels with reporting and services as a professional witness.
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When considering environmental noise current standards are applied including BS 4142:2014 for industrial sounds and BS 8233:2014 for buildings.
Find out more about Assessing Noise Impact 

New in 2017: ProPG guidance for Planning and Noise. TGSacoustics can deliver reporting to this guidance. We can recommend an approach to the management of noise within the planning system in England & Wales.
Read more about ProPG guidance for Planning and Noise

On the flip side of environmental noise sits building acoustics. We can create acoustic solutions for internal spaces with issues of poor intelligibility and excessive reverberation. Creative use of materials and surfaces can often fix troublesome sound spaces and create a better experience for listeners and performers alike.
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Useful Definitions relating to Acoustics Consultancy work

Acoustics: Science that deals with the study of mechanical waves (sound, virbration, ultrasound and infrasound) through solids, gasses and liquids.
Acoustician:  Also referred to as an Acoustical Engineer is a specialist working in the field of Acoustics

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustics


About Tim Green MSc, MIPS

TIM GREEN MSc, MIPS Acoustic ConsultantAbout Tim Green MSc, MIPS
Acoustic Consultant

Since 2009, Tim has been working as an Acoustic Consultant measuring and assessing sound, providing written reports and giving evidence at appeals as a Professional Witness.

He is a highly committed and professional Acoustic Consultant with excellent communication skills and extensive experience in sound, demonstrated through both practical application and presentation of that knowledge.

Tim measuring Sound Exposure Level (SEL) measurements of lorries turning into and out of the processing plant
Tim measuring Sound Exposure Level (SEL) measurements of lorries turning into and out of the processing plant

Recent achievements are in the field of identifying and resolving noise issues
through the measurement and reporting of environmental sound, a successful case history of appearances as a Professional Witness across sites impacted by road, rail and air traffic noise at planning appeals and lecturing on the MSc in Applied Acoustics, and the Institute of Acoustics Diploma and short courses at the University of Derby.

His ability to work with people in changing situations supports both the taught and consultancy environments. This is born out in the strong thread of consultancy projects following a successful career of 21 years in the BBC.

His presentation of recent acoustical studies has been made to National and Regional meetings of the Institute of Acoustics.

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Tim is an expert Acoustic Consultant specialising in:

Environmental Noise

We live in an increasingly noisy environment. Sounds that occur in day-to-day life often require assessment due to developments near to existing soundscapes or the introduction of new sources of sound. Understanding environmental noise levels through accurate sound testing or environmental sound monitoring are crucial in both the natural, built, transportation and industrial environments. Excessive and unwanted noise can have a detrimental impact on the health and well-being of residents, service users, employees, and wildlife. TGSacoustics can help you measure, monitor and mitigate your environmental noise problems.

Assessing sound environments and the relationship between them with accurate sound testing and monitoring
Assessing Environmental Noise and the relationship between different environments, with accurate sound testing and monitoring, will improve well being and the environment

A deep understanding of the sounds, their sources and the context of the surrounding area is crucial to the accurate assessment of their impact. TGSacoustics brings considerable experience of building acoustics & environmental sound monitoring to the planning process and reporting to current standards.
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Environmental Noise sound surveys can help you obtain planning permission

TGSacoustics has experience in providing measurement, assessment, and reporting, through rigorous sound testing/environmental sound monitoring, where noise is a material consideration in the planning process and will carry the process through as a professional witness when required.
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Environmental Noise. Night time internal peak levels with respect to the ProPG and WHO guidelines of 45dBA maximum
Environmental Noise. Night time internal peak levels with respect to the ProPG and WHO guidelines of 45dBA maximum

Industrial and Commercial Sound

Sounds from Commercial activities and Industrial processes often need to be assessed to consider the true impact on existing sites and at the planning stage of proposed developments. TGSacoustics has experience in providing assessment, measurement and reporting to the current standard, BS
See more about BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound

Assessing Noise Impact

Sounds recorded during the day and night are assessed with reference to both internal and external guidelines given by BS 8233:2014 and The World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Community Noise.
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‘ProPG: Planning and Noise’ guidance was published in May 2017. It is the Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise jointly launched by the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), Acoustics & Noise Consultants (ANC) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). It gives guidance for environmental sound monitoring and the reporting of noise for new residential development
See more about ProPG

Mitigation of Environmental Noise

After a period of environmental sound monitoring, the reduction of sound levels impacting on properties can be mitigated internally or externally. TGSacoustics can specify and design the required level of mitigation as part of a planning application or in appealing a refusal decision.
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Environmental Noise: Nighttime levels demonstrating the potential for reduction due to barrier mitigation.
Environmental Noise: Nighttime levels demonstrating the potential for reduction due to barrier mitigation.

Building Acoustics

High-quality building acoustics in a venue enhances enjoyment, increases bookings & return visits. Find out how TGSacoustics can help fulfil your venue’s potential in our building acoustics pages. If your venue needs enhancing to improve your building’s acoustic quality then feel free to contact us for advice, consultation or a quote.

Acoustical comfort is very much overlooked and yet we all can identify with the negative effects of poor acoustics. TGSacoustics has a wealth of experience in assessing spaces for both speech and music and will treat areas with a sympathetic approach, not only considering the acoustic and visual impacts but also the impact on those using the space both during the process and from the resulting change.

Excessive reverberation can occur in poorly designed enclosed spaces. Sounds, particularly speech, can appear muddied and garbled due to multiple paths of reflected sound.

Reverberated sound travelling in poorly designed enclosed spaces

Ashford Hall at St Nicolas’ Place, Kings Norton in Birmingham benefited from the provision of acoustic treatment in 2015, consisting of bespoke acoustic panels. The hall was built in 2006 and is primarily used as a venue for civil ceremonies or as a flexible space for evening celebrations. TGS acoustics approached the retrofit of acoustic panels to Ashford Hall in the context of its multi-purpose remit as well as the desired visual impact. 

Read more about Ashford Hall’s acoustic treatments on our Ashford Hall Case Study page

Acoustic panels designed to reduce reverberation and multi-path in an enclosed room


Tim runs training day for the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI) on ProPG: Planning and Noise

Tim was in Dublin on the 19th of March to run a training day considering the practical application and delivery of reports following guidance within ProPG. The training on ProPG: Planning and Noise – applying it in practice, was given members of the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI). The day started with an …

Tim at the launch of ProPG

Tim at the launch of ProPG – Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise. The launch is in Birmingham. ProPG has been produced to provide practitioners with guidance on a recommended approach to the management of noise within the planning system in England. Read more about ProPG – Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise

Tim presents ‘Mixing the Spill’ to the IOA

  Tim presents ‘Mixing the Spill – acousticians view of a music balancers’ lot’ to the Midlands Branch of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), at the University of Derby tonight. Tim’s talk will explain how the physical choices of layout and screening are interrelated with the differing microphone responses and electro-acoustic options on the mixing …